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Reptile Mast FIBRA 100 RDM

Reptile Sports

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100% Carbon Mast

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The Mast works optimal on the most of the sail brand (Naish, Severne Sails, Goya, Duotone, Neil Pryde, GA Sails, Gun Sails, Simmer Style, KA Sails, Challenger Sails, Hot Sails, S2Maui, RRD, Aereotech Sails, Sailworks, Vandal)

The Reptile Fibra 100 RDM is the windsurf mast that contains 100% carbon fiber, dedicated to freestyle and wave competitions. Maximum performance without any compromise.

A perfect mix of conical and cylindrical geometries, the use of unidirectional T800 fibers and a special CBX carbon reinforcement in the boom area amplify the performance of the new Fibra 100 RDM lightcore, classifying it as one of the best RDM windsurf masts in the world in terms of reflex, reliability and precision on bend curves. Built using carbon prepreg wrapping technology, it has been lightened by about 100 grams compared to its predecessor PYTHON 100. The ferrule in special T900 fiber has been increased compared to previous editions. It excels in freestyle, where acceleration and stability characteristics are needed, and in wave, with its responsiveness and reliability. Constant Curve, suitable for 100% of the sails on the market.

The autoclave cure cycle is a two-step process. First, vacuum and pressure are applied while the temperature is ramped up to an intermediate level and held there for a short period of time. The heat reduces the resin viscosity, allowing it to flow and making it easier for trapped air and volatiles to escape.

Those who buy this product are aware that they are buying a windsurfing mast with high technical characteristics. The perfect windsurf mast for endless hours of wave and freestyle, which will transform your windsurf sails into something light, fast, responsive.

Technical details

- T800 Carbon fibers
- CBX Full Bottom Shield
- Identification code to trace the production batch.
- Fiber treatment cycle in an autoclave.
- The exclusive Reptile measuring system, which allows us to identify and measure 10 key points along the entire length of the mast, in order to increase the level of compatibility on the sails on the market.
- Automated cutting system of carbon skins, to ensure greater precision in the construction phase.

- Matte finish to facilitate the insertion of the mast into the sail pocket and facilitate the rotation of any camber.

- Equalized length technology, lowers the center of gravity of the shaft and reduces the overall length of the shaft when it is divided into two parts.

- Cylindrical ferrule in T900 fiber to increase the precision in the connection between top and bottom and increase performance by 20%.

Product Details

Bend: Curve Constant
Material: Carbon 100%
Included accessories: Mast Bag Reptile
Skill level:
370 cm 16 Constant 63-76 1,25
400 cm 19 Constant 63-76 1,39
430 cm 21 Constant 63-76 1,65
460 cm 25 Constant 63-76 1,90
490 cm 29 Constant 63-76 2,00

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Reptile Mast FIBRA 100 RDM

Reptile Mast FIBRA 100 RDM

100% Carbon Mast

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